What is the Nevada State Society?
The Nevada State Society, founded in 1937, is a social and educational organization of Nevadans who are living in the Washington, D.C. area.  Our society provides Nevadans – both residing in the D.C.-metro area and those visiting from the state – with a special venue that enables them to share in a wide variety of social activities such as receptions, dinners, picnics, festivals, and other events.  Most other U.S. states and territories have similar organizations, and together they comprise the National Conference of State Societies.

What is the Society’s purpose?
To promote goodwill and amicable social relations among Nevadans who currently work and reside in the District of Columbia and surrounding area, as well as to educate residents and Native Nevadans living in the D.C. area of the rich history of Nevada and its ties to D.C.

Who are the Society’s members?
Members of Congress, Capitol Hill staff, journalists, federal employees, students, diplomats, business leaders, and others who share their home-state heritage in a relaxed and nonpartisan atmosphere of good cheer.  The Society is a typical cross-section of the great people of Nevada.

How does the Society function?
The Nevada State Society is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that is governed by a voluntary, annually-elected Executive Board.